Pop-UpRight Shakespeare

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A Shakespearean Adventure, “pop-up” style.
The 2019 twist…? Which play will it be?

Some of Nashville’s favorite (and bravest!) actors will bring Shakespeare’s words to life in these lively “upright” staged readings in unique locations in and around Nashville. Our 2018 season had ticket holders guessing where these performances would be, revealing the location just 24 hours in advance. Keeping with the tradition of surprise, our 2019 season will give audiences a different question to think about— which of Shakespeare’s plays will I see today?

We will present clues to the plays on our social media pages and if you guess correctly you’ll win a prize at the Pop-Up and be entered to win a cameo appearance in the play that day! (no stress, just fun) We ask that you send your guess as a private message through FB, Instagram, or Twitter, or email carrie@nashvilleshakes.org. Good luck!

Pop-UpRight #7
October 26th, 2 pm
directed by Neil Hoppe

Historic Lindsley Avenue Church
3 Lindsley Ave, Nashville 37210

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Pop-Ups Coming UP

#8, November 23rd, 2-4 pm, directed by Santiago Sosa

Past Pop-Ups

Pop-UpRight #6
Timon of Athens
September 28, 2pm, directed by Ethan Jones
Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Brian Russell, Molly Breen, David Landon, Kate Forbes, Terry Occhiogrosso, Gerald Reed, Corey Howell, Don Caparella, Ethan Jones, Brooke Ferguson, Hillary Mead, Katie DelRocco

Pop-UpRight #5
The Merry Wives of Windsor
July 27th, 2pm, directed by Nat McIntyre
Tennessee State Museum

Meghan Murphy Chambers, Jonah Jackson, Santiago Sosa, Merrie Shearer, Naivelle Steib, Ross Bolen, Drew Flickinger, Brookes Bennett, Meggan Utech, Rosemary Stewart, Brooke Bethel, Sarah Zanotti, Lauren Yawn, JT Friend, Jakholbi Murry

Pop-UpRight #4
Two Noble Kinsmen
June 22, 2pm, directed by Tessa Bryant
Carpe Artista
101 Front Street, Smyrna, TN

Amanda Baugh, Virouna Elia, Bradley Brown, Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva, Janvi Shukla, Preston Perrin, Taylor Anne Chew, Kaitlyn Thames, Megan DeWald, Alaina Smith, Robyn Berg, Brooke Muriel Ferguson, Laramie Hearn, Sawyer McCoy Wallace, Jordan Scott, Hillary Mead, Anna Elizabeth Miksch

Pop-UpRight #3
May 25, 2 pm, directed by Leah Lowe
4125 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville, TN 37189

David Landon, Terry Occhiogrosso, Reilly O’Connell, Alex Drinnen, Mark Cabus, Storm Sloan, Brad Oxnam, Andrew Johnson, Tony Nappo, Owen Reid, Dakota Collins, Katie Bruno, Courtney Potter, Jordan Scott, Lane Wright, Preston Perrin

Pop-UpRight #2
Measure for Measure
March 23, 2 pm, directed by Laramie Hearn
Historic Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ
3 Lindsley Avenue, Nashville, TN. 37210

Mark Cabus, Terry Occhiogrosso, Brooke Muriel Ferguson, David Wilkerson, Andrew Johnson, Denice Hicks, Andy Kanies, Josh Kiev, Brian Webb, Josh Inocalla, Delaney Keit, Ang Madaline-Johnson, Kit Bulla, Natalie Bell, and Molly Breen

Pop-UpRight #1
Henry VI, Part1
February 23rd, 2pm, directed by Jim Warren
Historic Travellers Rest
636 Farrell Parkway Nashville, TN 37220

THE CAST: Maddie Beech, Amanda Bell, Bradley Brown, Kit Bulla, Donald Capparella, Robert Chambers, Morgan Davis, Kenny Dozier, Laramie Hearn, Josh Inocalla, Delaney Keith, Joe Leitess, Robert Marigza-Yeo,  Nyazia Martin, Terry Occhiogrosso, Natalie Rankin, Brian Russell, Storm Sloan, & David Wilkerson

Photos from Season One

Interested in being cast in a future Pop UpRight Shakespeare?

Past Pop-UpRights

November 17, 2018 2pm - RICHARD III, directed by Stella Reed
LOCATION: TSU Performing Arts Center
King Richard: Eddie George

October 20, 2018 2pm - THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, directed by Kim Bretton
LOCATION: Gordon Jewish Community Center
Sly: Houston Mahoney
Lord: Antonio P. Nappo
Tapster Denice: Denice Hicks
Jo (servant 1): Josh Inocolla
Mim (servant 2): Nyazia Martin
Bartholomew: Jonah Jackson
Kate: Emily Landham
Bianca: Mary Marguarite Hall
Petruchio: Kim Bretton
Lucentio: Shannon Hoppe
Baptista: Martha Wilkerson
Gremio: Paula Flautt
Hortensio: Carrie Brewer
Tranio: Rachel Agee
Biondello: Siobhan Kennedy
Grumio: Bella Higgingbotham
Vincentio: Denice Hicks
Pedant: Leah Lowe
Widow/Messenger/Others: Brad Oxnam
Curtis: Herbie Horrocks
Tailor: Kai Harvard
Peter/Musician: Cynthia Cardenas

July 21, 2018 2pm - TITUS ANDRONICUS, directed by Laramie Hearn
LOCATION: Maggiano's Little Italy
Titus -Michael Roark
Marcus - Kelly Lapczynski
Saturninus - Jack Chambers
Lucius - Mackenzie Smith
Bassianus/Second Goth - Britt Byrd
Quintus/Publius - Melinda Paul
Martius/Sempronius - George Sekeres
Mutius/Aemilius- Lauren Stillwell  
Tamora - Nettie Kraft
Demetrius - Andrew Johnson
Chiron - Joe Cash
Lavinia - Lauren Mincey
Aaron - Bakari King
Young Lucius -  Rowan McCoy
Alarbus/Clown/Nurse/First Goth- Isabel Webb

June 16, 2018 2pm - THE TEMPEST, directed by Natalie Risk
LOCATION: Zeitgeist Art Gallery
Prospero: Denice Hicks
Ariel: Miranda Pepin
Caliban: Everett Tarlton
Ferdinand: Scott Patrick Wilson
Miranda: Merrie Shearer
Alonso: Carrie Brewer
Sebastian: Josh Kiev
Antonio: Shannon Hoppe
Gonzalo: Stella Reed
Trinculo/Boatswain: Bekah Stogner
Stephano/Master of Ship: Morgan Bowling

May 19, 2018 2pm - THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, directed by René Millán
LOCATION: Boundry Events & Catering
Portia: Morgan Davis
Antonio: Santiago Sosa
Shylock: Nat McIntyre
Bassanio: Joe Leitess
Gratiano: Justin Hand
Nerissa: Brooke Bethel
Jessica: Alexa Lauren
Lorenzo: Conner McCabe
Launcelot: Andrew Kaines
Gobbo/Duke: Josh Kiev
Tubal: Tom Jordan
Morocco: Chamberlin Little
Salarino: Andrew Johnson
Salario: Nate Bumpus
Salerio: Johnathon Killebrew
Balthazar/Stephano: George Sekeres

March 24, 2018 2:00 pm - MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, directed by David Wilkerson
LOCATION: Woodland Presbyterian Church
Bakari Jamal King-- Leonato, governor of Messina
Margaret Horne-- Messenger
Tamiko Robinson Steele-- Beatrice, niece to Leonato
Lauren Frances Jones-- Hero, daughter to Leonato
Christopher Bosen— Don Pedro, prince of Arragon
Brent Maddox-- Benedick, a young Lord of Padua
onah Jackson-- Claudio, a young Lord of Florence
Ty Brown— Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
Melissa Silengo-- Margaret, attendant to Hero
Nyazia Martin- Borachio, follower of Don John
David Wilkerson-- Conrade, follower of Don John
Rachel Agee-- Dogberry, a constable of the watch
Tony Nappo-- Verges, a partner of the watch
Andrew Johnson— Seacole, sexton of the watch
Joe Cash— Oatcake, a member of the watch
Janie Wilkerson-- Friar Francis

The TN Arts Commission supports NSF and other non-profits!  http://tnspecialtyplates.org/

The TN Arts Commission supports NSF and other non-profits! http://tnspecialtyplates.org/