School Tour Performances

NSF is coming to you!

Each performance provides an introduction to the works of the Bard, including themes, imagery, poetic devices - and humor!

Companion workshops available for $100/hr. Contact for more info


Seeking Shakespeare

Seeking Shakespeare is a one-man autobiographical play written and performed by Santiago Sosa, an artist who has dedicated his life to the works of Shakespeare. Sosa comically and touchingly retraces moments throughout his life that set him on this Shakespearean path from his youth in Ecuador to his present home in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by Ian McKellan's Acting Shakespeare. (50 Minutes)

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Discovering Shakespeare

Discovering Shakespeare takes a fun and energetic look at how Shakespeare is and will always be relevant to the human race, told from the perspective of four American Shakespearean actors. Multiple scenes from the bard’s canon will be performed, creating an accessible show sure to delight students of all ages. (50 Minutes)

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Living Shakespeare

Featuring scenes from Shakespeare’s greatest works, two seasoned actors share their combined 50 years of experience performing Shakespeare. Performed by Brian Russell and NSF Artistic Director Denice Hicks, 50 Minutes.

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