The School at Nashville Shakes

Fall 2018 Classes

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w/ Denice Hicks
7 Sessions: Oct 1-Nov 12
Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm

Work on new monologues, classic or contemporary, or brush up old ones. Each participant gets at least 15 minutes of one on one coaching, the benefits from playing before a small audience and watching others work. $20 per class, or $120 for all 7 weeks. $10 to observe. Workshop leader, Denice Hicks welcomes all levels of experience. Come prepared to play!

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w/ David Wilkerson
5 sessions: Sept 25-Oct 23 at Trevecca
Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 pm

This class introduces the basics of quarterstaff combat, both short
form and long form. It will cover parries, attacks, and special quarterstaff moves and techniques. Participants should have at least a rudimentary background in stage combat.


w/ Santiago Sosa
4 sessions: Sept 26-Oct 17
Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 pm at Trevecca

Scanning for Character is an acting class that will take both the beginner and the advanced Shakespearean actor through the intricacies of the bards metrical art forms. Learning iambic pentameter is just the tip of the iceberg. Students will learn how to identify irregularities in their text and other forms of poetry Shakespeare uses such as catalectic  trochaic tetrameter to unlock what the mysteries of what makes certain characters tick. Work with the First Folio will also be included in this class. This is both an academic and a performance class good for all ages of people looking to go deeper with Shakespeare’s work. 

School at Nashville Shakes

The School at Nashville Shakes, taught by some of NSF's teaching artists, directors, fight choreographers, and actors is for aspiring Shakespeareans seeking to learn a variety of methods and techniques to help with their understanding of Shakespeare's language and performance elements. The workshops found in the curriculum are vast and diverse, where the student chooses what area best suits their needs; be it voice work, physical work, text analysis, combat skills, or the basic building blocks of the bard. No matter the need, we guarantee that time will be dedicated to the individual to help them grow as an artist.

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