Winter Shakes 2019: Julius Caesar Audition Breakdown

SEEKING: fight ready and movement based actors with a strong command of the language and an abundance of vocal power and stamina while maintaining clarity and specificity.  This 100 minute version of Julius Caesar will move fast but will require so much time and patience of the actor as well as there will be a consistent amount of secondary rehearsals, fight rehearsals (this will be a very fight heavy show), and individual voice and text sessions.  There will be many group scenes and actors may be required to lift and carry other actors onstage for this production as the pace of it is fast and there will be blood.  

Paid professional AEA eligible roles:

  • Caesar: M- 48-53
  • Brutus: M/F- 30’s
  • Cassius: M/F 30’s-40’s
  • Casca: M/F mid 20’s to early 30’s
  • Portia (others): F- 20-30’s
  • Calpurnia (others): F- 40’s-50’s
  • Octavius Caesar (others): M/F- 30’s
  • Decius Brutus (others): M/F- 30’s to 50’s
  • Ligarius (others): M/F- 30’s-50’s
  • Metellus Cimber (others): M/F- 30’s to 40’s
  • Antony: M/F 40’s
  • Trebonius (others): M/F- 30’s to 50’s

Student Actors:

  • Antimidora (others): college aged
  • Lepidus (others): early 20’s

 Child Actor

  • Lucius: 10-12