Nashville Shakespeare Festival
Managing Director Position Description

The full-time Managing Director will work in tandem with the Artistic Director to implement and sustain productions and business practices of the highest quality to achieve the Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s mission: to enrich and unify our community with bold, innovative and relevant productions along with empowering, participatory educational programs, setting the community standard of excellence in educational outreach and performances of Shakespeare’s plays.

Each position reports directly to the NSF Board of Directors, specifically to the Executive Committee of that board, and that committee will provide oversight and an annual review for each position.  The two directors are expected to sustain a positive, professional, respectful, and collaborative working relationship and to foster a work environment that inspires and enables each staff member, teaching artist, and production member to contribute his/her skills and talents to fulfilling the NSF mission.  

The Managing Director is responsible for the administrative and operational management of the Festival, that is, all non-creative aspects of the operation:

  • Daily  Business Operations

  • Budget and Financial Management

  • Fundraising and Audience Development

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Strategic Planning


The following staff positions are overseen by and report to the Managing Director:

  • Marketing

  • Development Assistant

  • Grants Manager

  • Accountant


The Nashville Shakespeare Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary of providing high quality professional theater productions in the middle Tennessee region and is currently poised for growth and expansion. The ideal candidate will have the capacity to bring vision and ideas for this growth and for increased sustainable revenues to the NSF.  


Duties and Responsibilities:

Daily Business Operations:
The Managing Director will ensure that daily business operations are carried out in a timely and efficient manner.  These include, but are not limited to, maintenance of basic office services and utilities, communication with various key partners, and leadership of regular staff meetings. In addition, the MD will seek ways to improve daily operations, with attention to maximizing productivity within budget limits.  

Budget and Financial Management:
The Managing Director will develop and monitor budgets, working with the accountant and Finance Committee to ensure rigorous oversight of revenues and expenses.  In addition, the MD will help prepare budget scenarios for new projects and initiatives and maintain all insurance policies and bank accounts.

Fundraising and Audience Engagement:
The Managing Director will work with the Development Committee to establish and implement development and fundraising strategies to ensure that NSF has the financial viability to complete its mission.  In addition, the MD will oversee the management of grant applications and funding and will work with the Development Assistant to manage development records and fundraising campaigns.

The Managing Director, working with the Marketing Director, will ensure that an active, varied, and effective marketing campaign is sustained for all aspects of NSF programming.

Board Relations and Strategic Planning:
The Managing Director will work closely with the Board to implement the strategic goals and vision in all areas relevant to position responsibilities, most notably development, marketing, and budgeting, and will attend all board meetings.  



  • Experience with management of arts companies or artistic programming within nonprofits

  • Experience with and understanding of business principles, basic accounting principles, and astute management practices, especially within the nonprofit context

  • Ability to problem solve and to work with range of stakeholders to achieve common goals

  • Ability to work in diverse aspects of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival operation, including marketing and development as well as daily business operations and financial management

  • Ability to use Word, Excel, QuickBooks, and other basic office technology and operating platforms

  • Ability to set positive tone for diverse working environment, treating all employees, volunteers, stakeholders, and others relating to the Nashville Shakespeare Festival with respect and affirmation

  • Post-secondary education, training, or significant experience in business areas, arts, nonprofit management, or communications desirable

  • Previous experience or current active experience with theater desirable


The Nashville Shakespeare Festival affirms and celebrates diversity as a key goal for productions as well as operations staff.  All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.


Contact Information and Procedure:

Please submit a cover letter and resume describing your qualifications in relationship to the responsibilities and qualifications noted above to  In addition, include the name, title, and contact information (telephone or email) of two references. We will not contact references without first notifying you. Please use “Managing Director” in the subject line of the email and include your last name in the title of your documents.  No phone calls please! Denice is in a production now! Interviews will be conducted by staff and a search committee of NSF board members. Candidates are urged to submit applications by September 1; the position will begin on October 1, 2018.