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Full E-texts of Shakespeare's Plays

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The Folger Library Classroom Resources

Making a Scene: Shakespeare in the Classroom Blog
Shakespeare for Kids
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Education
Finding Shakespeare
Blogging Shakespeare
Shakespeare Uncovered Series
Great Performances: The Hollow Crown Series 1
Royal Shakespeare Company (England)
Shakespeare's Globe Education
Shakespeare's Life and Times
Shakespeare Online
Oregan Shakespeare Festival Shakespeare Study Guide Archive
Stratford Shakespeare Festival Shakespeare Study Guide Archive
Stratford Festival Tools for Teachers [classroom activities archive]
BBC 60 Second Shakespeare
PBS In Search of Shakespeare Game

Books on Teaching Shakespeare

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Shakespeare's Plays in Story Form

Garfield, Leon. Shakespeare Stories. Puffin Books, 1985. 
Lamb, Charles & Lamb, Mary. Tales from Shakespeare. (1804) Puffin Books. 1994. 
Nesbit, E. The Children's Shakespeare. Random House, New York. 1938. 
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Shakespeare: History, Criticism and Biography

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