Apprentice Company Program

ApCo members in '17 Apprentice Company

"I have learned SO much more than I could have imagined during my time in ApCo! Santiago Sosa knows exactly how to meet each actor where they are, and has pushed each and every one of us to new levels.  I am incredibly thankful for this summer of training."       -Amanda Bell, AppCo Class of 2017

"Learning from incredible theatre-makers during my time in the Apprentice Company; training intensively in Shakespeare has made me a stronger all-around actor. It was a wonderful continuation of my post undergraduate studies in Theatre Performance; furthering my abilities as a professional actor." -Morgan Davis, AppCo Class of 2016

"The Apprentice Company has made large impact on my growth as a professional actor. AppCo helps the students develop strong personal and working relationships with their peers as well as more experienced professional actors in both Nashville and the national theatre community. " -Jonah Jackson, AppCo Class of 2015

Apprentice Company (ApCo):

Every year, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival selects 14-16 talented theatre artists ages 13 years and older to perform in its Summer Shakespeare production and to take part in an intensive two-week training program. These students are known as the "Apprentice Company" and are selected based upon auditions in the spring.

Students who are cast in this company receive training from Nashville's finest professional teaching artists in:

Voice ~ Movement ~ Text Analysis ~ Stage Combat ~ Physical Improvisation ~ Suzuki ~ Dance ~ Monologue Preparation ~ Yoga

NPT's Arts Break Feature on Apprentice Company 2015 (Macbeth)

ApCo 2014

ApCo 2014

Scene Analysis and Text work with the 2016 Apprentice Company's production of Macbeth

Scene Analysis and Text work with the 2016 Apprentice Company's production of Macbeth

In addition to performing alongside some of Nashville’s most talented actors, apprentices gain hands-on experience working with The Festival’s technical staff in areas such as lighting, sound, and costuming. An important initiative of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, the Apprentice Company is designed to both enhance understanding of Shakespearean works as well as train future leaders in Nashville’s cultural community.

The training is challenging, extremely rewarding, and intensely fun! Apprentices play supporting roles in the production and take on important backstage responsibilities as well. Please note: Summer Shakespeare is physically strenuous; middle Tennessee summers are intense and acting is a full-bodied commitment!

Please contact our Apprentice Company Director, Santiago Sosa, for more information:

2019 Auditions will be held in late April. ApCo training will begin on June 24, 2019

Journeyman Program:

Today's apprentices may become the lead actors of the theatre industry's future.  Therefore, we encourage them to continue their training with the NSF Journeyman Program.  The Journeyman Program is designed to be the next level of the Apprentice Company where Journeyman return to even more rigorous voice and movement training while diving into some in depth scene study and characterization of some of Shakespeare's most popular plays.  Only 4-6 Journeyman are selected every year from any young artist that has completed a summer with the Nashville Shakespeare Festival's Apprentice Company. Journeyman are also encouraged to serve as leaders and mentors to incoming apprentices while learning how to text coach and lead their fellow classmates in vocal and body warm ups. 

Tuition: $300 (Scholarships available)  

2018 ApCo/Journeyman Schedule:

Apprentice/Journeyman Company Training:
First day of training: July 8, 12:30-8:30pm
July 9 – August 5, Monday through Friday, 12-4pm

Midsummer Rehearsals:
Monday - Saturday, July 9-August 5, 5-10 pm
Tech Rehearsal: August 6, 10:30am-10:30pm
Dress Rehearsals: August 7-8, 5-10 pm

Nashville Centennial Park: August 9-September 9, Thursdays-Sundays and Monday Labor Day
Franklin Academy Park: September 13-16
Call time 5 pm-10 pm

Tuition: $600 (Scholarships available)

Minimum age: 13 years old by July 2018

Participants must be available for all classes, rehearsals, and performances July through September unless any conflicts are cleared with the Apprentice Company Director, Santiago Sosa, at the time of the audition.