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The Comedy of Errors

Directed by Denice Hicks

Music Directed by Stan Lawrence


Antipholus of Syracuse Taylor Kelly
Antipholus of Ephesus Sawyer Wallace
Dromio of Syracuse Erik Schiller
Dromio of Ephesus Will Miranne
Adrianna Tonya Pewitt
Luciana Jordan Scott
Aegeon David Olney
Solinus / Balthazar Randy Lancaster
Angelo Ross Bolen
Aemelia Denice Hicks
Tiny of the Porpentine Bonnie Keen
First Merchant / Pinch Stan Lawrence
Second Merchant Brad Brown
Officer / Jailer Bob Roberts



Directed by Nat McIntyre

Performed by the 2016 Apprentice Company:


Macbeth Andrew Johnson
Lady Macbeth Morgan Conder
Seyton / Murderer Morgan Bowling
Duncan / Siward  
Malcolm Andrew Freeland
Donalbain / Young Siward Owen Reid
Banquo Joseph Cash
Macduff Jonah Jackson
Lady Macduff  
Macduff Child / Fleance Dakota Collins
Hecate Ara Vito
Witch 1 Regan Holmberg
Witch 2 Lily Grace Lewis
Witch 3 Robin August
Ensemble Shannon Clark
  Mary Elizabeth Roberts
  Olivia Mell
  Tristan Whitney
  Ann Marie Bagge

Romeo & Juliet

Directed by Santiago Sosa

Romeo Mason Conrad
Juliet Morgan Conder
Benvolio Jonah Jackson
Friar Laurence Scott Baker*
Capulet Nat McIntyre*
Prince Rene Millan*
Lady Capulet Corrie Maxwell
Montague Jon Royal
Nurse Denice Hicks
Paris Stuart Mott
Balthasar / Romeo understudy Tristan Whitney
Gregory Joseph Cash
Peter / Juliet understudy Abbey Rhyne
Apothecary / Citizen Sam Stumpf
Lady Montague Carrie Brewer





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* Denotes Member of Actors' Equity Association



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