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About Hamlet:


directed and adapted by Denice Hicks
costume design by Franne Lee
set design by Paul Gatrell
light design by Anne Willingham
Troutt Theater, Belmont University
January 17 - February 2, 2008
Thursday - Saturday 7:30PM, Sunday 2:30PM
Peter Vann * Hamlet
Jessejames Locorriere Claudius
Helen Shute-Pettaway* Gertrude
Brian Webb Russell* Polonius
Eric Pasto-Crosby* Laertes
Ayla Harrison Ophelia
David Wilkerson* Horatio
The Apprentice Ensemble:  
(also appearing as
The Players)
Zack McCann Rosencrantz
Benjamin Reed Guildenstern
Stephen Boatright Marcellus/Priest
Shanti Smith Osric



* Denotes Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States



HAMLET, edited and directed by Artistic Director, Denice Hicks will be performed on a minimalist set designed by Paul Gatrell with costumes by Tony Award winner, Franne Lee, and lighting design by Anne Willingham.   

Artistic Director Denice HicksA note from the director:

     I  want the audience to leave the theater feeling like they know Hamlet, the character, better than they ever have before.  If they've never seen the play, as many of our high school audiences will not have, they should leave understanding Hamlet's dilemma and relating to it in a personal way.

     Through careful editing, the relationships that haunt Hamlet will be revealed, and he will tell his story directly to the audience.  Many lines will be cut, but very few words will be changed, so the poetry will still be pure Shakespeare.

     I'm most excited about exploring the hauntings of the play.  We will be telling a ghost story.  Hamlet is haunted by the ghost of his father.  Hamlet haunts us.  His spirit will not rest until he is at peace with the events of the play.  He must retell the story again and again until he can be free of the ghosts that haunt him.  It's my goal to lend new meaning to the oft quoted phrase, "To be or not to be."

     I have cast Pete Vann in the role of Hamlet.  Pete is at a perfect place in his life and his career to play this role.  He's a seasoned actor, quite strong and physically fearless, and I've never worked with a more committed artist.  The rest of the cast is stellar, including the Belmont students, who are well trained and ready to step into productive careers in the industry.  

     I'd like to encourage people to come see this production because if they love Hamlet, they will see as intense a portrayal of the character as they could ever dream.  If they aren't sure about Hamlet, this production is cut to be concise and clear--and they will certainly enjoy hearing all of the famous lines from the show in context.  If they've never seen a production, they will find this an accessible first encounter with the story, language and characters.  

Denice Hicks

Artistic Director


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